Mặt cười

Ảnh Tiêu đề Ký tự
angry angry x-(
applause applause =D> =d>
at wits' end at wits' end ~X( ~x(
batting eyelashes batting eyelashes ;;)
big green big green :D :d
big hug big hug >:D< >:d<
blushing blushing :">
broken heart broken heart =((
call me call me :-c
chatterbox chatterbox :-@
confused confused :-/
crying crying :((
d'oh d'oh #-o #:-O
dancing dancing \:D/ \:d/
daydreaming daydreaming 8->
devil devil >:)
drooling drooling =P~ =p~
feeling beat up feeling beat up b-(
frustrated frustrated :-L :-l
gach1 gach1 gach1
gach2 gach2 gach2
gach3 gach3 gach3
gach4 gach4 gach4
gach5 gach5 gach5
gach6 gach6 gach6
gach7 gach7 gach7
gach_9 gach_9 gach9
gach_badao gach_badao badao
gach_chemgio gach_chemgio chemgio
gach_daomo gach_daomo daomo
gach_delthot gach_delthot delthot
gach_hong gach_hong :hong:
gach_kinhhoang gach_kinhhoang kinhhoang
gach_kiss gach_kiss kiss
gach_lacde gach_lacde lacde
gach_radao gach_radao radao
gach_thotnham gach_thotnham thotnham
gach_voteban gach_voteban voteban
gach_yeuroi gach_yeuroi yeuroi
happy happy :) :-)
hee hee hee hee ;))
hypnotized hypnotized @-)
i don't know i don't know :-??
I don't want to see I don't want to see X_X x_x
k1 k1 k1
k100 k100 k100
k104 k104 k104
k114 k114 k114
k121 k121 k121
k132 k132 k132
k137 k137 k137
k143 k143 k143
k162 k162 k162
k173 k173 k173
k175 k175 k175
k180 k180 k180
k191 k191 k191
k211 k211 k211
k66 k66 k66
k67 k67 k67
k85 k85 k85
k93 k93 k93
kiss kiss :-* :*
laughing laughing :))
love struck love struck :x :X :-x :-X
nailbiting nailbiting :-ss :-SS
not talking not talking [-(
not worthy not worthy ^:)^
oh go on oh go on :-j
party party <:-P <:-p
peace sigh peace sigh :)>-
phbbbbt phbbbbt >:P >:p
rock on! rock on! \m/
rolling on the floor rolling on the floor =))
sad sad :( :-(
shame on you shame on you [-X [-x
silly silly 8-}
skull skull 8-x 8-X
smug smug :> :->
straight face straight face :|
surprise surprise :-o :-O
thinking thinking :-?
thumbs up thumbs up :-bd
tongue tongue :P :p :-P :-p
waiting waiting :-w
wave wave :-h
whistling whistling :-"
winking winking ;) ;-)